Data Analytics
Data driven strategy
and management

With Data Mining to digital
business models and
data-driven decisions.

A head start through knowledge.

Using current BI and data mining technologies, we will help you develop customer- and problem-oriented strategies for your digital business models. No matter if it is about the optimization of existing processes or the introduction of new products. To do this, we make use of a variety of different data available on the Internet or build directly on your business data.

We uncover potentials
you would not have suspected.

Digitization is opening up new opportunities.

Consumer buying and decision-making behavior is increasingly shifting toward data-driven services and e-commerce. The increasing use of the digital portal economy is also changing the way companies and customers exchange information and interact with each other. Trends and ideas first emerge on the web. Criticisms and sentiments are channeled in social media. Users' needs and wishes are increasingly expressed digitally, even before statistics can capture them. The demands on companies have also changed. Customers interact with a company via digital formats instead of telephone or customer office. Numerous processes between customer and company and the underlying systems must be thought of digitally and integratively.

All these challenges have led directly or indirectly to the new commodity "data". These now put market-leading companies in a position, to quickly and effectively use previously unknown knowledge and correlations for their competitive advantages.

Knowledge from data.

Who are potential customers and what do they want? Why am I no longer reaching my target group? What are my competitors doing and how do they react to problems?

Markets emerge and change, as do the wishes and expectations of users. And this happens at ever shorter intervals, which quickly leads to a situation in which one only reacts instead of proactively creating innovations. If you have the right knowledge, you can act with foresight and in a and target-oriented.

We provide you with data-supported decision-making aids and, based on this, develop strategies and solutions together and in relation to the problem.

Solve internal problems in a data-driven way.

Why do my projects take longer than planned? Which factors affect the risk and can they be identified early on?

There are just as many operational problems and issues as there are possible solutions. The difficult thing, however, is to decide which is the right solution in each case. To make this possible, the influencing factors and thus the causes must first be found and understood. understood. We support you in this process with individual and target-oriented problem analyses and syntheses directly at the source - your data. We do not only ask "what" or "how", but try to find out the "why".

Use our expertise in data mining for specific use cases, as a more in-depth complement to your existing BI applications, or to develop and evaluate prototypes for potential data-driven services.

11,0 %
Sales growth online
in 2019 compared to 2018.

28 %
became aware of a product through
Social Media.

51 %
inform themselves on the Internet
before making a purchase.
Think with Google, 2019

Our Services

Success through data driven approaches.

Data driven
strategy development
and consulting

We develop digital business models with you, in the context of highly dynamic markets.

At a glance

Together with you, we develop problem-related strategy and marketing concepts by means of a holistic, data-driven and iterative consulting approach. To this end, we work out your requirements and your requirements and development potentials in individual workshops. Building on these results, we conduct tailored analyses and answers based on trend, competition and opinion mining, the processed results of which are used to solve and answer problems.

Use Cases and problems

When and for which questions could data-driven strategy development and consulting be beneficial?

Status analysis of the company

  • What is my customer reach online?
  • What is the mood towards my products and services?
  • What do my customers ask or care about?
  • How can I use my data in the company in the context of a digital service?
  • and much more...


  • Who are and what are competitors doing in e-commerce?
  • Are there potential new players in my market segment?
  • and much more...


  • What is the trend of and on specific sets of issues?
  • How or what do potential customers think and engage with?
  • Are there correlations and dependencies between revenue-determining factors?
  • and much more...

Our approach

Our approach is characterized by the following factors, among others:

  • Agile and iterative consulting concept for dynamic requirements elicitation.
  • AI-powered problem synthesis and analysis.
  • Problem-related and individual data mining for knowledge extraction - directly using your company data if desired.
  • Aggregation and summarization of results.

Knowledge Discovery

Making correlations visible and knowledge usable.

At a glance

With our Knowledge Discovery, we offer precise and individual analyses with data mining techniques of data mining and find correlations and structures in databases, where you would not have suspected it. Wherever possible, we answer your problems on the basis of your data and uncover structures and insights, which will lead you to better business decisions.

Your data may have more potential than you think!

Use Cases and problems

When and for which questions could Knowledge Discovery be beneficial?

  • With what probability and in what time period will an event occur?
  • What makes my customers stand out?
  • How can I adapt my products to best suit my customers?
  • Why can't existing BI solutions answer my questions?
  • and much more...

Approaches and techniques

For the individual solution of your problems we offer the following services:

  • Agile project implementation and procedure
    according to cross-industry standard process for data mining (CRISP-DM)
  • Exploratory data analyses.
  • Sentiment and cluster analyses.
  • Sequence and association analyses.
  • Network analysis and graph theoretical approaches.
  • Analysis of distributed and unstructured data, which cannot be processed by BI solutions.

Process Mining

Never change a running system - And what if it does?

At a glance

Nowadays, no company can exist without processes and workflows. Driven by the introduction of digital tools and EDP systems, the number of new processes and the complexity of existing systems have increased. Many organizations have become more fragile as a result, so that projects often fail or operational functions come to a standstill more frequently.

Based on your log and system data, we determine possible causes and weak points or solve problems, which can hardly be identified with the naked eye and are difficult to narrow down.

Use Cases and problems

When and for which questions could Process Mining be beneficial or applicable in your company?

  • Why and at what point are my projects delayed?
  • Which people or services are critical nodes?
  • Where are there bottlenecks in processes or resources and what could be the cause?
  • Why do my automated workflows have a high variance related to turnaround times?
  • What enexpected structures and processes exist?
  • What are the deviations or anomalies from existing processes or supply chains?
  • and much more...

Approaches and techniques

Depending on the particular problem, we offer the following services and techniques:

  • Agile project implementation and procedure according to
    cross-industry standard process for data mining (CRISP-DM)
  • Analyses and comparison of ACTUAL and TARGET processes (Process Conformance Checking)
  • Analysis and exploration of unknown sequences and processes (Process Discovery)
  • Analysis and identification of bottlenecks and critical process nodes (Performance Mining)

Use Cases Data Analytics

Do you want to find out how data analytics can help you? Let us show you.

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